Palmerston North Boys’ High School (PNBHS)

PNBHS is one of the top academic, sporting and cultural schools in New Zealand.

Palmerston North Boys’ High School {PNBHS} is a single sex school of approximately 1,700 domestic and 35 International Students that encourages excellence in all of its students, both in and out of the classroom. Our results speak for themselves in academia, music, performing arts, culture and on the sporting field.

PNBHS is one of the top academic, sporting and cultural schools in New Zealand. We hold tradition dearly at school and the rules are strict. Grooming and uniform are important to us and are monitored carefully. We have a zero tolerance of drugs, smoking and alcohol at school.

Palmerston North is a safe, quiet and inexpensive city, also known as the Education and ‘Knowledge City’, and has a presence of many international cultures. PNBHS has small class sizes (approximately 25 students per class), which allows its teachers to focus on the development of each individual student. PNBHS has specialised English classes for international students (approximately 10 students per class), with dedicated and personalised international student support.

Here at PNBHS, you have the choice of a variety of subjects to specialise and focus on your future career. You have the opportunity to gain internationally recognised qualifications to attend universities around the world. PNBHS has a variety of academic pathways, where it is well connected to tertiary institutions and research centres.

The Curriculum
  • Focuses on providing a broad base with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy at junior school.
  • Allows for specialisation at senior level.
  • Involves the extensive use of information technology.
  • Offers acceleration, extension and remedial support to meet a diverse range of needs.
  • A full programme, at all levels, of English as a Second Language (ESL) is offered, following assessment on arrival.
  • Your choice of academic pathways: students can choose to study National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), vocational courses or study university subjects at PNBHS with our Massey University Paper Programme.
  • Extensive academic opportunities: from academic support programmes to accelerated courses for gifted students.
  • Outdoor Education is available to all international and domestics students, providing a New Zealand experience.
  • Leadership Programme – instils values, respect, rules and lifelong learning in all students.
  • Sports Development Programme – enhance your sporting skills.
School Facilities

PNBHS has impressive facilities and resources, with a high speed internet connection on site, fourteen specialised science laboratories, four modern technology workshops, indoor heated 25m swimming pool, two gymnasiums, cardio and machine weights room, Indoor Cricket Centre, extensive artificial sports surfaces, six modern computer suites, Auditorium and Performing Arts Centre, a well –resourced library and a refurbished hall to accommodate all students.

Co-curricular Activities
  • There are 57 sporting and cultural activities to choose from, some include: cricket, tennis, hockey, football, basketball, rugby, snowsports, golf, table tennis and badminton, as well as the traditional codes of cricket, tennis, hockey, football, basketball and rugby.
  • Many students compete at national and international levels, however you can compete at any level and play for fun.
  • Extensive Performing Arts opportunities: drama and music classes; individual tuition; major stage productions and musicals; stage and concert bands; orchestra; pipe band and rock groups.
  • All teaching staff are directly involved as coaches and/or managers of over 180 sports teams and groups at all levels each year. The less formal interactions between staff and our young men provide another dimension to their all-round development. Achieving excellence through strong competition with the desire and will to win are goals Palmerston North Boys’ High School strives for in co-curricular activities.
English Language Programme

We offer ESL from Year 9 to 13 and the class sizes are usually below 10. The number of International Students at school is limited to a maximum of 40. This encourages full integration of boys into school, New Zealand and the English Language.

Homestay / Boarding

Our homestay accommodation is arranged with warm, welcoming and supportive New Zealand families living close to the school, who will offer a safe and supportive environment while you transition into the New Zealand culture and study here at PNBHS. Each family is carefully assessed for suitability and vetted by New Zealand Police and other agencies prior to placement.

Close monitoring and regular household visits are conducted by our Accommodation Manager to ensure their continuing suitability. Regular student surveys are also undertaken to ensure there is a happy balance between the boys and the homestay families. There are strict policies and procedures in place to ensure any issues are resolved immediately.

Your homestay family will be your home away from home. Your homestay parent/s will provide you with emotional, academic and practical support, as well as safe living and transportation. You will have access to help at all times and your care in homestay is closely supervised by the Accommodation Manager. We hope you will join in the family activities and become a part of the household.

PNBHS also has boarding facilities, however the student is subject to a selection process.


Palmerston North Boys’ High School Overview
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Palmerston North Boys’ High School Grounds
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Palmerston North City & Manawatu
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Address: 263 Featherston St, Palmerston North 4410

Student Testimonial

My name is Frank Wang. I am 17 years old, from Hong Kong and am a current student at Palmerston North Boys’ High School in Year 13. I have been at Palmerston North Boys’ High School since July 2014. The subjects I am studying are Geography, History, Physics, Maths and English (ESOL). My plan is to graduate from PNBHS and study Aviation at Massey University in Palmerston North. I came to study in Palmerston North, New Zealand to learn English, go to Massey University to study Aviation, it is cheaper to study here and it is a safe country.


In New Zealand, the teachers stay in one classroom and the students go to different classrooms for different subjects. Also, in New Zealand you can choose 5 or 6 subjects for senior school, where you have to study 4 subjects and choose 2 or more in Hong Kong. My English has improved quite a lot from studying in New Zealand, as all classes here are taught in English and I speak English to my friends, my teachers and my homestay. At first, it is hard to be away from your friends and family, but you soon get used to it and you make some new friends here in New Zealand.


Palmerston North Boys’ High School has a lot of facilities for learning and for sport. PNBHS has smaller classes than in Hong Kong. We go on a lot of trips to see more of New Zealand, such as Wellington, Napier and Masterton. Palmerston North is easy to go everywhere you want. You can walk from school into the city. Some students ride their bike to and from school. I would recommend for you to come to Palmerston North, because if you go to Auckland you will mostly speak Chinese as there are a lot of Chinese people there. Palmerston North is a quiet city, which is good for studying and sleeping. The people here are friendly. Palmerston North is very clean and has fresh air.

Frank Wang, Hong Kong

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