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Let us take the hassle out of arranging study in NZ.

ISENZ (International Student Education New Zealand) is an organisation which can take the hassle out of arranging study in New Zealand. Effectively, we are a one stop shop for overseas students wishing to study in New Zealand.


The enrolment process can be complicated. As there are variable requirements between enrolling into a high school and enrolling into a university, it’s really helpful to have ISENZ assist you with the enrolment.

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Orientation Programme (Welcome Meetings)

ISENZ runs a two day group orientation programme for high school students arriving into New Zealand. This runs twice a year (January and July) and helps students adapt to life in New Zealand more easily, recover from jetlag, and make new friends.


Accommodation, Pastoral Care & Support (Optional)

Where you live while studying in New Zealand is a huge part of your overall experience. It’s important that you find somewhere to live that suits your lifestyle and your needs. All of ISENZ schools and institutions offer accommodation services. All accommodation for high school students is police vetted. ISENZ will arrange accommodation through the institution when requested. ISENZ can be contacted at any time if a student (or their parents) have concerns about their living arrangements or study.


Holiday Trips

ISENZ offers fully supervised trips around New Zealand (and Australia) for international high school students. Our trips are a great way to experience New Zealand, and to make new, life-long friends from all different nationalities.


Student Visas

ISENZ is not an Certified Immigration Agency but we can indirectly provide guidance through our Immigration Consultant partner. There can be advantages to working with a New Zealand based Immigration Advisor, who is very familiar with New Zealand immigration law.

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Marketing Services

ISENZ actively promotes the schools and institutions profiled on this website, for no cost. We promote our institutions via our print materials (brochure, flyers), online marketing (website, Google marketing, social media, e-newsletters), offshore Education Agents, and direct contact with prospective students. ISENZ now has an extensive alumni with whom we keep in regular contact.


The Cost of our Services:

  • Students pay nothing to complete an enrolment directly through ISENZ.
  • Overseas educational agencies can work through ISENZ without incurring any cost.
  • ISENZ will provide overseas agents with advice, information on schools, promotional material and enrolment support free of charge.
  • ISENZ services are FREE to students with the following exceptions: Holidays trips, accommodation and visa applications.

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For more information about our services, please contact ISENZ.