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Quality education of the highest standard.

The standard that New Zealand’s schools and institutions are expected to meet are regularly monitored and tested by the government. This means there’s a consistently high level of education across the entire country. Rigorous quality controls have been put in place to make sure that New Zealand qualifications and institutions adhere to the highest educational standards.

New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF)

The NZQF is an extensive list of all qualifications in New Zealand that are recognised as being high quality, relevant and fit for the purpose of education. All qualifications on this list have been given the tick of approval by the NZQA.

Check the qualification you’re interested in by visiting the NZQA website.


New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

NZQA assures the standard of education provided by New Zealand’s tertiary institutions, through the approval of programmes and qualifications and a process of regular external review and evaluation. Private training establishments (PTEs) who enrol international students must be registered with NZQA.

All of the institutions represented by ISENZ have been registered and approved by NZQA.


Universities New Zealand

Universities must meet the very high quality standards created by NZQA. These standards are set by the government’s Tertiary Education Commission and managed by Universities New Zealand.

The evaluation process includes regular reviews of institutions (their programmes, qualifications and management) and are carried out by independent panels, including international auditors.


Quality assurance in the university sector ensures that academic processes are of an internationally accepted standard. New Zealand qualifications are recognised throughout the English speaking world and in many other countries as NZQA has reciprocal inter-governmental agreements. There is no problem getting recognition in Australia, Canada, UK, US and many other countries.

The New Zealand School System

What secondary schools teach their students is carefully laid out in the New Zealand Curriculum. The Ministry of Education monitors schools closely, making sure they are delivering everything they should be.

All school teacher’s are registered with the New Zealand Teachers Council and must meet the Registered Teacher Criteria, a rigorous set of teaching standards.

The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is New Zealand’s main national qualification at secondary school level and it is widely accepted around the world.


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