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Advantages for Agents

Agents can benefit from using ISENZ by tapping into our network of schools and universities and through our extensive knowledge of the NZ education system. We are also based here in New Zealand, so are close at hand to support your students should they need it. ISENZ holiday trip opportunities with experienced teachers are only available through ISENZ. Contact us today, to find out how we can help you.

Here are some other ways in which agents can benefit by using our services:

One contract, 40 institutions

One contract gives you access with commission to all 40 of the ISENZ institutions. You don’t need to worry about gaining individual contracts with each institution.

Good commission rate

The commission for the 28 high schools is exactly the same as if you went through them directly. A favourable commission split is done with universities, Polytechnics, PTEs and English Language Schools.

One enrolment pathway

There is one enrolment pathway – through ISENZ – for the enrolment process and claiming commission etc. Many agents cannot secure contracts with New Zealand universities, so ISENZ provides an enrolment pathway.

One enrolment form

You use the same enrolment form for each high school enrolment and the language school enrolment (and so do not need to look for a different one for each).

Compare institutions easily

ISENZ provides you with a profile of each institution and a fee schedule so that comparisons and choices can be easily made.

Match students successfully

We help you match the student’s and parent’s requirements with the school that suits best, taking into account the nature of the institution, fees and location.

Benefit from our extensive knowledge base

We have extensive knowledge of the New Zealand education system (high school and tertiary level) and visa application procedures.

We provide advice and support services

ISENZ provides on-going support services at the New Zealand end so that students can come to us for support and advice at any time. We maintain close contact with our students, and many students come to us for guidance and assistance years after arriving in the country.

We run an Orientation Programme on arrival in NZ

We run an NZ-based orientation programme for high school students arriving into New Zealand. This helps students adapt to change more easily and recover from initial jet lag. Students make new friends, and learn the differences between life in their home country and life in NZ society and in our schools. Orientation costs are additional (NZ$390 approx per student, which includes 2 nights accommodation, all meals and transport).

Access NZ's top Polytechnics and Technical Institutes

We give you access with commission to some of New Zealand’s most reputable Polytechnics and Technical Institutes – UCOL, Whitireia, Wintec, WelTec, Otago Polytechnic and Manukau Institute of Technology.

Access NZ's top Universities

ISENZ gives you access with commission to some of New Zealand’s most prestigious Universities – Massey University, Victoria University, University of Canterbury and Auckland University of Technology – with campuses spread over New Zealand.

We arrange holiday trips

ISENZ offers holiday trips for high school students who want to explore New Zealand and Australia, making their experience in New Zealand a special one.

Access to visa services

ISENZ has a NZ partner Immigration Consultant. They will advise and manage the visa application process at a special price only available to ISENZ students.

We can negotiate entry into non-ISENZ institutions

If you wish to place students in other institutions that are not represented by ISENZ, we can negotiate enrolments and commissions on your behalf.

We provide additional information and advice

ISENZ can provide you with print material, additional information and advice on each of its institutions if requested.

We are based in New Zealand

ISENZ is based in New Zealand, and does everything at this end making your job so much easier!

Find out more

There are many other reasons why you should use our services. If you want to know more about how ISENZ can help you, please contact us.