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Applying for a Student Visa

ISENZ is not an Certified Immigration Agency but we can indirectly provide guidance through our Immigration Consultant partner.

There can be advantages to working with a New Zealand based Immigration Advisor, who is very familiar with New Zealand immigration law. His success rate with student visa applications is very high. There is a charge for this service.

ISENZ can direct students to information that is publicly available by Immigration New Zealand.


In general students will need to provide a letter of acceptance of enrolment from a New Zealand institution and to demonstrate that they have adequate funds to pay the tuition fee and to support their living while in New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand may give approval in principal on the basis of documentation provided, but will only issue the visa once tuition fees are paid.

Tertiary students also need to provide a police report to show they have no criminal convictions.

Visa requirements and fees

Here are some links to information on the Immigration New Zealand website.