Trips – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose ISENZ Trips?

ISENZ has been running student trips 4-5 times a year since 2003. Regular feedback from students tell us that ISENZ trips are the best value for money. If you do a comparison you’ll find that other trips either provide less for your money (less meals and group activities), are shorter in length, or cost more.

What is included in the price?
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner – over 40 meals on a 15 day trip)
  • Fresh fruit and bottled water between meals
  • Comfortable cabin accommodation (2 – 6 people per cabin)
  • Bus transport for the 15 days
  • An experienced ISENZ trip manager, trip leader, bus driver, kitchen manager and trip assistants (between 2-4 depending on student numbers)
  • a range of group activities valued at over $300
  • the opportunity to do many optional activities (eg. tandem sky diving, bungy jumping)
What meals are provided?

All meals are included in the price, plus fresh fruit and bottled water in between meals. Cooking and meal preparation is led by the Kitchen Manager and Trip Assistants, along with the help of a student kitchen team that changes each day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided each day of the trip, except for breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day. That’s over 40 meals in total! There is no need to spend extra on meals, but you can bring money to buy your own snacks if you get hungry in between meals.

The Kitchen Manager has prepared a menu consisting of delicious meals that have proven over the years to be the most popular dishes amongst the students. The menu aims to offer a wide variety of healthy food choices, with options that cater to specific dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free).

What should I bring?

You may bring one suitcase or large backpack + hand luggage (eg. a small backpack, hand bag, camera bag etc). You need to pack in accordance to flight weight restrictions if you are travelling from outside of Wellington.

You will need your own sleeping bag and 2 – 3 towels for personal use. Pillows and a bottom sheet are provided in cabins. Duvets or bed covers can be hired at camp sites, but if you choose this option you will need to be prepared to pay extra. The cost to hire is generally $5-6 per day. It is more economic to borrow a sleeping bag or to buy a cheap one for as little as $30.

Pack clothing for warm and cool weather as temperatures in New Zealand can be variable, all year round. You’ll need at least two changes of clothing in case you get wet, or unable to do laundry for a few days. You should pack at least the following items:

  • shorts and t-shirts for warm weather
  • long pants, woolen jersey, long sleeved tops and hoodies for colder weather
  • comfortable walking shoes (eg. sneakers, tramping boots) that are suitable for light treks
  • casual shoes, sandals/jandals
  • a warm (preferably water-proof) jacket for cold, rainy weather
  • a woollen hat and a cap or sun-hat
  • pyjamas or sleepwear
  • togs and towel

Other Stuff
Toiletries, sun glasses, sunblock cream, togs and beach towel, personal medications, travel sickness tablets (if you suffer from car/sea sickness).

Do I need to bring my passport or ID?

You don’t need your passport (infact we recommend that you to leave these at home) but please bring your NZ student ID if you have one. We often need these to get student rates for group activities. If you don’t have a NZ student ID, an overseas student ID may be useful if you have one.

Do I need to bring any extra money?

Spending Money
You should have at least $100 spending money for things like snacks, laundry facilities and wi-fi at holiday parks, souvenirs and other personal items you want to buy during the trip.

Optional Activities
You must also make sure you have money, or access to money (through credit card or eftpos card) to pay for your optional activities. Check the prices for these before the trip to ensure you have enough money to pay for them. Most activity operators accept credit card, EFTPOS and cash.

Can I wash my clothes during the trip?

Communal washing machines and driers are available at all holiday parks we stay at. These cost about $2-$3 per wash and per dry. ISENZ provides free washing powder and pegs. Notes can usually be exchanged for coins at holiday park receptions, but we carry coins with us incase the reception is closed.

How do we travel?

We travel by bus. The bus seats about 55 passengers + driver. At least 2 Trip Leaders travel on the bus at all times, while the rest of the trip staff travel by van ahead of us. We try and make the long drives more fun by playing games or giving interesting information on the places and regions we visit.