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Advantages for Schools and Institutions

Free 1-page website ad

All ISENZ institutions get their own page on our website to showcase photos, videos, google maps, student testimonials and social media links. This is free of charge.

Free 1-page brochure ad

All ISENZ institutions get their own page to advertise in our brochure. The brochure is reprinted annually, and copies are delivered to our agents in 14 countries worldwide.

Global network of agents

ISENZ has a wide network of education agents in many countries. ISENZ schools and institutions are promoted with agents in accordance to their area of focus (high school, university, curriculum area, region).

Agents enrol through ISENZ

Agents are asked to make enrolments through ISENZ, except where that agent already has an existing agreement with an institution. In that case agents are advised to continue to work directly with the institution.

No students means no cost

Institutions only pay on the successful enrolments that ISENZ gets for them.

We check in with our students

ISENZ maintains an interest in the student throughout their time at the school.

We provide ongoing support

ISENZ is a point of contact for the school and student in all matters of concern.

We meet students on arrival

We can arrange for your students to be met on arrival in New Zealand, making them feel welcome.

We arrange holiday trips

ISENZ offers holiday trips for high school students who want to explore New Zealand and Australia. Trips coincide with school holidays, and are run by trained teachers.

We run an orientation program

ISENZ runs a group orientation twice a year (prior to term 1 and term 3) for high school students arriving into New Zealand.

ISENZ Commission Structure

This information can be provided by ISENZ on request.

Find out more

There are many other reasons why you should use our services. If you want to know more about how ISENZ can help you, please contact us.