At the Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS), you’ll enjoy world-class hospitality training in a fully operational hotel environment.

Train under the guidance of the renowned International Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (IHTTI) of Neuchatel, Switzerland, and attain Swiss, Australian and New Zealand internationally recognised qualifications along with 12 months of paid industry work experience.

Gain your hospitality management undergraduate, bachelor degree or post graduate qualifications while studying in a simulated professional hospitality environment, where you’ll be both a hotel guest and student, learning to operate the various departments of a hotel and the associated business aspects of the hospitality industry.

Our courses in hotel management include paid Industry Placement in leading hotels throughout New Zealand and overseas, providing invaluable work experience to prepare you for an exciting and rewarding career.

Study at one of the best hotel schools and join the hundreds of successful PIHMS graduates around the world living their dreams!

Courses start in January, April, July and October.


PIHMS provides a safe and friendly environment which replicates the hospitality industry very well. The things you learn and do represent the key skills you require to succeed in the hospitality industry. The best thing about PIHMS is the environment it provides you to learn in, the lecturers who are there to teach you and the people you live and work alongside. To me, PIHMS was everything I had hoped for from a tertiary institution.
James Billing, Exectutive Assistant Manager, Heritage Auckland
The thoroughness of the training that you receive at PIHMS makes you absolutely ready to handle the intricacies of your first job in hospitality. The best thing about my job is serving guests. It gives me a high when someone desperately needs something and I can find a solution for the problem calmly and effectively.
Nishant Jadav, Conference Center Manager, NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants


Address: 4 Henwood Road, Bell Block, New Plymouth, New Zealand
Website: http://www.pihms.ac.nz/

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